Digital India Cashless India Swachchh Bharat Mission

Corporate Office

Sanjay Banga C.M.D 24360104   cmd(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Pradeep Kumar Chand Director (Fin.) 40047426   dirf(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Anil Kumar Agrawal C.V.O.     cvocci(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Ajay Kumar Sharma Company Secretary 40047425 207 co_secy(AT)cciltd(DOT)
B.M. Mahana GM (T&O) 40047425 225 bm.mahana(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Alok Shukla Addl. GM (Commercial) 40047425 239 alok.shukla(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Chaman Bahadur Jaggi Addl. GM (HR) 40047425 220 chamanjaggi(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Dr. S. K. Sudhanshu DGM (NOU)     sk.sudhansu(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
S.K. Singh DGM (MM) 40047425 241 sunilk.singh(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
M.K. Upadhyay DGM (NOU) 40047425 233 mk.upadhyay(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Arbind Upadhyay Sr. Manager (Fin.) 40047425 223 arbind.u(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Shailesh Kumar Singh Sr. Manager (Systems) 40047425 228 mandcs_co(AT)cciltd(DOT)in,shaileshk.singh(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Manoj Kumar Sinha Manager (HR) 40047425 219 manojsinha(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
R.K. Jha Manager (MM) 40047425 241 rk.jha(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Sri Prakash Kumar  Manager (MM) 40047425 227/228 sp.kumar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Syed Shariq Hussain Manager (F&A)  40047425 212 ss.hussain(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Sachin Sharma  Deputy Mgr. (Lgl/Arb.) 40047425 221 sachin.sharma(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Rahul Anand Manager (Lgl/Arb.) 40047425 221 rahul.anand(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
S.S.Prakash Srivastava DM (Mech.) 40047425 233 ss.prakash(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Bibha Kumari Deputy Mgr (Prod.) 40047425 225 bibhakumari(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Anil kumar Deputy Mgr. (Mktg.) 40047425 240 anilkumar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Ashok Kumar Guatam Deputy Mgr (NOU) 40047425 225 ak.gautam(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Aman Singh Kohli Account Officer 40047425 223 aman.kohli(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Vijay Negi Account Officer 40047425 223 vijaynegi(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Richa Dubey Officer (Mktg.) 40047425 240 richa.dubey(AT)cciltd(DOT)in

Rajban Unit

Name of employee Designation Telephone No. STD Code : 01704 E-Mail ID
S/Shri ….   Mobile  Office Fax    
Jogewar Behera GM 7827989561     jogeswar.b(AT)cciltd(DOT)in,gm_rjo(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Rakesh Khatri DGM  (Mech.)       rakeshkhatri(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Masood Hussain Sr. M (Mktg) 7827989569    
Surendra Kumar Sr. M (HR) 7827989570     skumar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Chandu Sharma Sr. M (SYSTEMS) 7827989566     chandusharma(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
S.P. Verma Sr. M (Mktg) 7827989568     sp.verma(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
V.K. Singh SM (Elect.) 7827989573     vk.singh(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
P.K. Sinha SM (Mech) 7827989572     pk.sinha(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Rupak Medhi SM(Mech) 8638838134     rupakmedhi(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Raghvendra Singh M (Prod.) 7799938150     raghvendra.singh(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Neelesh KumarTripathi M (MM) 7827989577     nk.tripathi(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Ujjval Prakash M (Inst.) 7827989576     ujjval.prakash(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Achin Bansal Manager (E&I)  7827989580     achinbansal(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Atul Sharma M (Opns.) 7827989578     atulsharma(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Sanjay Kumar Dy. Manager (Prod.) 7827989593     sk.varshney(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Abhinav Srivastava Dy. Manager (Mech.) 7827989581     abhinav.s(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Amit Dixit Manager (Mech.) 7827989582     amitdixit(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Prabhat Swarnkary Dy. Manager (Mech.) 7000572820     prabhat.s(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Raghuvir Singh DY. Manager (Elect.) 7827989591     raghuvirsingh(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Rahul Kachhal Dy. Manager (Mktg.) 7827989604     rahul.kachhal(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
J Ravi Subramaniyan Dy.Manager (Prod.) 7827989589
Deepak Prakash Account Officer 7827989596     deepak.p(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Jai Prakash Pal Officer (HR) 7827989594     jp.pal(AT)cciltd(DOT)in

Bokajan Unit

Name of Employee Designation Telephone No. STD Code : (03675)(A)/(03671)(B) E-Mail ID
S/Shri ….   Office/ Residence Mobile Fax  
Sharad  Kumar GM   7799938017  


H.S. Hora DGM (MECH.)       hs.hora(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Ravindra Kumar Saroj DGM (Tech.)   9993586760   rk.saroj(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Chimay Nandi DGM (MM)   7086653319   chimay.nandi( AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Brajan Deka SM (Mech)   7799938015   brajen.deka(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
S.K. Sinha SM(Mktg)   9435499710   sk.sinha(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
J.J. Baishya SM   9401981995   jivanjyoti.b(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Sanjeev Sharma M (Mktg.) (A)-246022 9435013979  
Prakash Ghimre M (Mktg.)   9547779862  
prakash.ghimre(AT)cciltd( DOT)in
Pankaj Kumar Singh  M (Elect.)       pankaj.kumar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Vipin Kumar M (Sec / HR) (A)-246987 8134945849   vipinkumar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Amritlal Prajapati M (Mech)   9436301624   amritlal.p(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Ashok Kumar Uranw M (Mines)   7898375766   ak.uranw(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Awadhesh Kumar M (Systems)   9039088173   awadhesh.kumar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Shiv Shankar Saha M (Prod.)   9862120637   shiv.shankar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Yashwant Kr. Saha M (Mech.)   8287932885   yk.sahu(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Kumbha Ram DM (Mines)   7827989590   kumbharam(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Dipankar Das DM (Prod.)   8287932906   dipankar.das(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Md.Macci ilfat DM (Mech)   8897856954   mm.iilat(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Sandeep Kr. Baberwal DM   9887748006  
Pushpraj Chaubey DM (Mech)        pushprajchaubey(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Sanjay Kumar Officer (HR)   7988618733   sanjay.kumar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
Anupom Paul Engr (Civil)   8638192293   anupom.poul(AT)cciltd(DOT)in

Tandur Unit


Name Designation Mobile No. E-Mail ID
VIVEK KUMAR GM 7799938033



VIPUL KUMAR AGM (TECH.) 8219599533 vipulkumar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
P.PRABAHARAN AGM (MM) 7799938023 prabaharan.p(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
N R MOHANA RAO DGM (PROD.) 7827989563 rmr.nannamu(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
M RAMANA MURTHY SR. MGR. (ELECT) 7799938101 rm.matam(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
D. SRIVASTAVA SR. MGR. 7799938046 diwakar.s(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
B.HARILAL SR. MGR..(ELECT) 7799938044 bharilal(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
AMIT RANJAN SR. MGR. (HR) 7799938094 amitranjan(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
PRAKASH CH. AGARWAL SM (MECH.) 9864545123 pc.agarwal(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
ASHISH SHARMA SM (Civil) 7827989575 ashishsharma(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
TARANJIT SINGH BHUSSAL M (MECH.)   taranjit.singh(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
MATETI RAMESH MGR. (INST.) 7799938193 mateti.ramesh(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
SANJAY PANDEY MGR. (MKTG) 9706057314 sanjaypandey(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
U K SINGH MGR. (MKTG)HUBLI 9886798110 uk.singh(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
A.K. ILLURU MGR. (MECH) 7799938026 ak.illuru(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
L. NAGARAJ MGR. (PROD) 7799938193 lnagaraj(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
VIKRAM SINGH  MGR.  7799938136 vikramsingh(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
J.VENKATAKRISHNAN MGR. 7799938122 venkat.j(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
VENKATESHWAR GOUD K. MGR. (ELECT.) 7799938145 finance_tdo(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
TOMNY SARKAR MGR. (INST) 7799938132 tanmoysarkar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
KARTHIK PALANISWAMI MGR. (MECH) 7799938135 karthik.p(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
PULKIT AMBURKAR MGR. (MINES) 7799938188 pulkit.a(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
MANISH KUMAR SHUKLA MGR. (MINES) 7799938187 mk.shukla(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
GOWTHAMI L.K. MGR. (PROD) 7799938192 lk.gowthaml(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
DHRUBAJYOTI SAMADER MGR. (MINES) 8250224001 dhrubajyoti.s(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
SANJEEV RANJAN MGR. (MKTG) 9890091459 sanjeevranjan(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
SHAHNAWAZ ALAM MGR. (IT) 7799938174 shahnawaz.alam(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
R.K. BANSODE MGR (MKTG)BANGALORE 7799938021 rk.bansode(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
RAM JANAM KUMAR MGR. (FIN)   rj.kumar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
PARASURAM  D. DY. MGR 7799938056 pj.doddannava(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
GADDALA BASAVAIAH DY. MGR 7799938055 basavaiah.g(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
N VIJAYASARATHY DY.MGR (PROD) 7799938139 nv.sarathy(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
KRANTHI KUMAR DAMERA DY.MGR (ELECT) 7799938131 kk.damera(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
DINESH VISHWAKARMA DY.MGR (OPNS.) 7799938049 dinesh.vk(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
SAIDARAN G DY.MGR (MECH.) 7799938027 sasidaran.g(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
GANTA KIRAN KUMAR DY.MGR 7799938125 gk.kumar(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
D.K. ADIL DY.MGR 7799938156 dk.adil(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
C AMIT JOSEPH DY.MGR (MM) 7799938185 ca.joseph(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
P.SAMBASIVA RAO ASSTT.MGR(FIN)   ssr.pandi(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
SANTOSH S. SHARMA ACCOUNTS OFFICER 7799938199 santosh.sharma(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
V.K.R. PATIL ACCOUNTS OFFICER   vr.patil(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
NITYA NAND SINGH OFFICER (SALES & MKTG) 8077196838 nityanand.singh(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
RISHIKESH DUBEY OFFICER (SALES & MKTG) 7799938179 rishikesh.dubey(AT)cciltd(DOT)in
ROHIT MISHRA OFFICER (SALES & MKTG) 7799938072 rohit.mishra(AT)cciltd(DOT)in


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